BYU AdLab, 2019

Most women believe that men’s deodorant is stronger, lasts longer, and smells better than women’s deodorant, which is why 86% of millennial women choose to wear deodorant marketed towards men. They’ve just been waiting for a women’s deodorant that’s as strong as they are.

In 1972, the now-famous Secret tag line ‘Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman’ was introduced.
In 2019, we fixed it by removing men from the equation and highlighting the inherent strength of women.

The Stunt

The Reveal

Art Director: Jake Peterson

Jr. Art Director: Mikey Bready

Copywriter: Jagger Moore

Jr. Copywriter: Nell Stevens

Forged in the germinal workshop of an intergalactic wordmonger, M. Jagger Moore carefully constructs copy with the piquant finesse of an Andalusian stallion and the dogged efficacy of an analog clock set to military time (batteries included). His brain is made of rose-colored gelatin and his fingers are fashioned from hot glue and popsicle sticks. He has never thrown a baguette at a duck.