Real Oviedo

I spent a summer living in the north of Spain courtesy of Real Oviedo, a professional football club currently competing in Spain’s second division. Please don’t ask why they haven’t been promoted to the top flight, it’s a sensitive subject.

Azul Inquebrantable

I was part of the media team that kicked off the 2017-18 season ticket holder campaign. The original video has over 18k views, which is important to some people.

The Spanish version was narrated by the very same voice actor who does all the dubs for Bruce Willis. The English version was recorded by yours truly. In other words, I am Bruce Willis.


My Friend Mariga

One time I had to translate for Kenyan international McDonald Mariga at his press signing conference. I was nervous as a porcupine in a hot air balloon. I didn’t have a suit jacket so I bought one from H&M and returned it the next day. I fully expect to be punished for my crimes, whether in this life or the next.