Chef Boyardee

The Raviolution has begun and the Chef won't stop his vigilante crusade for justice until every man, woman, and child in this godforsaken country has access to all the same culinary delicacies that the rich have enjoyed for generations.

Raviolites unite.  


Each spot is made to be released across social media platforms.

We really did make these before the Great Lil Yachty Incident of 2018, I swear.

Out Of Home

This is James. He’s as handsome as he is well-versed in table etiquette. He’s also a real whiz with a bucket full of wheat paste.


We are @theraviolution. We have 12 followers… Apostles, if you will.

“I remember the first time I dipped my big toe in a can of the Chef’s famous Beefaroni — that’s when I finally understood why God put me on this miserable Earth, and I’ve been a Raviolite ever since.”

-Robert De Niro discussing why he sneezes on children in public restrooms.

“I’ve always secretly suspected that my real mother was a sentient ravioli, which would explain why she’s never loved me as much as she loves herself.”

-Finn Wolfhard on why he doesn’t like to go home for the weekend.

“chef boyardee is my favorate and Im 53 years old,,,,chef boyardee helped out in WW2,,,,he was the largest food ration packer for our troops and the allies,,,,he even had complete control over everything that went into his products,,,he even grew his own mushrooms in the basement of his own factory,,,,”

-Rusty S. addressing his sexuality

“When I started drumming for the Red Hot Chili Peppers I would keep a hot can of Chef Boyardee between my legs during every gig, along with some heat resistant gel, of course. We did wonderful things together, the Chef and I. Wonderful things.

-Will Ferrell on his favorite afternoon snack

“I think the first time I ever truly loved myself was when I saw an animatronic Chef Boyardee singing ‘It’s A Small World’ behind a Wal-Mart dumpster in Irvine. That experience infused me with the winsome braggadocio that’s made me who I am today.”

-David Cross explaining why Arrested Development takes place in Orange County

A friend. A father. A fighter. The Chef is not a person — the Chef is an ideal. The Chef is the future. Raviolites, unite!

- Media intern discussing the advantages of not being on the payroll


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Art Director: James Kunzler

Copywriter: Jagger Moore