Taco Heroes

Deutsch LA, 2019

In the 8th iteration of this highly-anticipated “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco” campaign, we wanted to highlight the real heroes of the World Series: The Taco Heroes, those lionhearted pillars of valor who free the taco from the grasps of capitalism, if only for a day.

The “Awareness” spot was aired in the weeks leading up to the World Series, while the “Redemption” spot was on national television less than 24 hours after the first base was stolen.

Baja Blast Champagne Bottles
When you win a championship, you celebrate with champagne. When you win free tacos, you celebrate with Baja Blast… disguised as champagne. We sent out a bunch of these hyper-deluxe, super lavish, phenomenally sumptuous “champagne” celebration kits to fans and influencers, complete with Baja Blast goggles.

Taco Hero Cape
In addition to eternal riches and a slot in Wikipedia-verified history, this year’s Taco Hero also got a custom-designed cape. What a lucky boy!

Creative Directors: Daniel Chen, Michael Sison
Art Director:       Elora Clement
Copywriter:         Jagger Moore