M. Jagger Moore
San Francisco, CA

SRT Hellcat

BYU AdLab, 2019

A real, true, and very accurate conversation we had with Lightning McQueen’s agent before we wrote and shot this commercial:

Us: Hey, we want to make a car commercial on a student budget.

Agent: I’m sorry, you’ll have to find another anthropomorphic stock car. Monty will be in rehab for the next 4-6 months. 

Us: Monty?

Agent: You didn’t think his real name was Lightning, did you?

Us: Oh. Well, it’s going to be a manifesto piece that talks about, you know, like, how the whole is greater than the sum of it parts? Right?

Agent: Sounds cliche if you ask me. And like I said, Lightning is in the middle of overcoming a crippling sex addiction right now. His life is in shambles. He’s in no place to film a commercial. I’m sorry.

Us: But… there will be some pretty cool references to Greco-Roman art, philosophy, and innovation.

Agent: That’s pretentious.

Us: Yeah.

Agent: Yeah.

Us: Sooo... is that a yes?

Agent: Good luck on your book report or whatever.


(2019 One Show ADC Gold, 2019 Telly Awards Bronze)

Directors:         Taylor Galbraith, Jake Peterson
Cinematography:    Bentley Rawle
Producer:          Connor Dean ,  Amy Wilson
Art Director:      Jake PetersonMikey Bready
Car:                                  Not Lightning McQueen
Copywriter:        Also not Lightning McQueen

Forged in the germinal workshop of an intergalactic wordmonger, M. Jagger Moore carefully constructs copy with the piquant finesse of an Andalusian stallion and the dogged efficacy of an analog clock set to military time (batteries included). His brain is made of rose-colored gelatin and his fingers are fashioned from hot glue and popsicle sticks. He has never thrown a baguette at an unsuspecting Mallard.