M. Jagger Moore
San Francisco, CA

Foxy Czar

Foxy Czar is a study in medium fidelity sound and synthesizer copulation. My studio consists of a 32-key MIDI keyboard, a Blue Yeti USB microphone, and the Restless Spirits of the Departed™. I’m occasionally accompanied by the neighbor’s dog, Rizzo, a border collie mix who suffers from severe separation anxiety.

Saturday Nights Alone
An unmastered audible buffet dedicated to the time I spend making music instead of making friends.

Forged in the germinal workshop of an intergalactic wordmonger, M. Jagger Moore carefully constructs copy with the piquant finesse of an Andalusian stallion and the dogged efficacy of an analog clock set to military time (batteries included). His brain is made of rose-colored gelatin and his fingers are fashioned from hot glue and popsicle sticks. He has never thrown a baguette at an unsuspecting Mallard.