M. Jagger Moore
San Francisco, CA

Expose The Coven

I made this Chrome extension because I love my country and because it’s time to expose the The Half Naked, Blood-Crazed Coven of Witches and Bogeymen for what they truly are: The Half Naked Blood-Crazed Coven of Witches and Bogeymen! Click the image below to add the extension to your browser. It’s your patriotic duty, nay, your patriotic privilege.

The extension works on most web pages, but it doesn’t work on Fox News web pages… Coincidence?

Forged in the germinal workshop of an intergalactic wordmonger, M. Jagger Moore carefully constructs copy with the piquant finesse of an Andalusian stallion and the dogged efficacy of an analog clock set to military time (batteries included). His brain is made of rose-colored gelatin and his fingers are fashioned from hot glue and popsicle sticks. He has never thrown a baguette at an unsuspecting Mallard.